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Founder of Root Foods -  Josh and Michael


When Root Foods founders Josh and Michael met at culinary school, they bonded over their shared passion for simply prepared delicious food. They also both love snacking. And since Josh’s family happened to have a generations-long relationship with small farmers who use sustainable growing practices (like no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and crop rotation to preserve soil health), they saw an opportunity to combine those passions, and founded Root Foods. With a mission to redefine snacking, Root Foods brings you unexpectedly delicious, craveable snacks made from vibrant, natural vegetables, as virtuous as they are indulgent.

two friends on a rooftop enjoying Root Foods chips

why root?

100% vegetable

We’re alllll vegetable, baby. None of that “with real vegetables” nonsense — why attempt to re-create something when you can have the real thing?


Good news: your snack shelf just got a whole lot healthier. Our vegetables are so high-quality that their natural flavor shines through without any additives — besides a sprinkle of sea salt as a lil’ bonus!

Great Taste

The perfect crunch. Mind-blowing flavor. And did we mention satisfying? Naturally healthy, naturally delicious...
naturally, you’ll want to eat them all.