beauty is on the inside


First things first, our chips taste amazing!  How did we do it?  All our chips are handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail from seed to harvest to cooking.  Take our bell peppers, in this picture you see two examples of what a bell pepper can be.  One is shiny, big and strong and appears to be the obvious choice for our chips!  However, upon closer view, we see that it is a genetically modified organism (GMO), it was born to ship and last.  A modern miracle of science.  Our other bell pepper is smaller, gentler, and not nearly as pretty.  Ahhhh, but the beauty is on the inside.  Our non-GMO bell pepper is harder to grow and harder to take care of, but it rewards all that extra work with flavor on top of flavor.  Like all our chips, we could have taken the easy road, but we never do.  This is what we like to eat, we hope you like it as well.  We believe in making the world taste a little better!

two friends on a rooftop enjoying Root Foods chips

why root?

100% vegetable

We’re alllll vegetable, baby. None of that “with real vegetables” nonsense — why attempt to re-create something when you can have the real thing?


Good news: your snack shelf just got a whole lot healthier. Our vegetables are so high-quality that their natural flavor shines through without any additives — besides a sprinkle of sea salt as a lil’ bonus!

Great Taste

The perfect crunch. Mind-blowing flavor. And did we mention satisfying? Naturally healthy, naturally delicious...
naturally, you’ll want to eat them all.